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The main course service. The main course is served on the steam workbench. Before serving, we must understand the requirements of guests, such as condiments and decorative components. A waiter should help to meet his/her needs. Beverage service. Beverages are served by guests themselves or by waiters. When guests serve themselves, ice and drink must be placed in place.


Fast, convenient and personal taste Save cost, avoid row seat, each take the necessary, entertain many people

The server workflow

In the cafeteria, customers can choose their own food and serve themselves according to the customer's request to serve soup, meat and vegetables. Cafeterias have to arrange all kinds of food throughout the process, not to slow down the service line. Food preparation: ingredients, condiments and prepackaged foods should be placed in place; Hot and cold beverages, food and salads, desserts, bread, etc. When presenting the main course, the sliced meat should be stacked higher, the meatballs should be discharged in line and the meat should be placed in the middle of the plate. Salads with fruits and vegetables are arranged in a certain height and in different shapes. When arranging a salad, put together dishes of different colors for customers to choose. The dessert counter and other parts should also be clean and organized. Desserts should be arranged according to the food and container according to the food and the container, keep the symmetry and line, and easy to choose.

Selection tips for buffets

The self-serving pizza is the first vegetarian food, and when you eat the buffet, you can take some low-calorie, nutrient-rich vegetables, such as cold dishes and hot and sour cold dishes, which can be appetizing. If you eat fatty, oily foods at the start, you will not only have a feeling of fullness, but also indigestion and a small amount of meat dishes. Cut down on carbonated drinks. Drinking carbonated drinks will take a lot of space in the stomach and make your appetite less. The carbonated drinks or fruit juices provided by the buffet are usually high in sugar and should be consumed less. Interspersed with fruit. Watermelon, pineapple, pear and other fruits not only remove the greasy, but also can be in the gap of buffet, the stomach that is stimulated by greasy food frequently. In autumn, you should eat more pear, grapefruit and other dry, acidic fruits. Papaya, orange and other fruits are rich in carotenoids, which are easy to be absorbed by the body.

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Before the meal, the waiters in the bleachers should clean up the health of the bufi, and they can be decorated with fresh flowers or other decorations.


Clean the table. Set the stage according to regulations. Prepare wine, drink, and order on the service desk.Clean the table,and order on the service desk

meal service

When the guest enters the restaurant, the waiter should be polite and enthusiastic, greet the guests with a smile, and introduce the name of the dish to the guest.


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When the guests arrive at the restaurant, they will greet the guests and ask the guests whether they need the drinks. If necessary, please serve them.

meal ends

For the repayable food to be sorted out, the kitchen is withdrawn to be properly kept for reuse. Clean the table with quick hygiene.

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