Buffet, also called meal. The buffet name comes from Japan, which refers to a way of eating western food. The chef will cook cold, hot dishes and snacks on the long table of the restaurant. The guests will take their own food and serve themselves. This form of dining has its roots in Scandinavian "cold food" and "Hunt breakfast" in northern Europe in the 8th century AD.

Buffet, also called meal, sometimes called cold meal, it is an informal western-style banquet in the international community, especially in large business activities. The detailed practice is that it doesn't prepare dinner, and when dining at random by diners choose food, drinks, and then stand or sit, freely with others or alone to have dinner together. Is called buffet buffet, mainly because of its can arouse the subjective initiative of diners, when have dinner by yourself, help yourself, arranged within the range of established choose dishes. As for it, it is called a cold meal, mainly because its food is mainly cold food. Of course, some hot dishes are served in moderation, or some semi-finished products are processed by diners themselves.



A cafeteria protocol that refers to the basic rules of etiquette that people need to observe when arranging or enjoying a buffet. In particular, the buffet etiquette is divided into two main parts: the ritual of arranging the buffet and enjoying the buffet.


Choose a buffet dinner place, not to be as serious as a party. What is important is that it can accommodate all the diners and provide enough space for them. According to the normal situation, the buffet is arranged inside and outside the room. Usually, it chooses to take place in large restaurants and outdoor gardens owned by the organizer. Sometimes, it is also possible to rent, borrow and use similar sites.


Arrange buffet etiquette, refers to the organizers of the buffet in preparation for the buffet normative approach, in general, it includes equipment eat time, eating place, food preparation, guests and four aspects of the problem.

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At the buffet, the food provided by the diner has both its commonness and its individuality. It has the commonality, in order to facilitate dining, provide cold food mainly; In order to meet the different tastes of diners, the food should be as rich and plentiful as possible. To facilitate the selection of diners, the same type of food should be concentrated in one place.

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